SHΔDΣ London

Shade London

When did you start SHADE London? and why?

Matt D Wade: Well, I had recently finished university and had moved back to London (my hometown) to try and get somewhere working in the fashion industry. While interning for various fashion PR agencies, I had come into contact with countless fantastically creative designers struggling to make a living from their own fashion labels.

So while I was unemployed, looking for paid work I decided to be proactive and start my own label.

What inspires you?

M.D.W.: I wanted to create a fashion brand that is universal, that anyone could wear and everyone could embrace. I’ve never really been into like ‘fashion’, you know? Like the elitism, the trends, the rules, the ‘scene’ and stuff. I wanted SHΔDΣ London to be versatile and timeless, to adapt with your own personal style, your mood and the rest of your wardrobe.

My own personal style and clothing that I love could be seen as well… unusual, and when people see me and I say I have a fashion label they always expect to see something really quite out-there. But I’ve never really been interested in doing that, my personal style is so… erm personal! And even if I could I won’t want to manufacture people into looking the way I do!

If nothing else SHΔDΣ London represents diversity. I think what probably inspires me most is street-style, I’m inspired by so many contrasting street styles from so many different eras and from around the world. I love seeing our product transform by the way someone wears it, the way everyday people dress is a constant inspiration to me.

What do you expect from the future?

M.D.W.: Anything and everything! This is only the beginning. You only have one chance and I’m not prepared to hold-back in life and neither is SHΔDΣ London!

Leonie-Rachel wünscht SHΔDΣ London und dessen Gründer Matt D Wade nur das Beste.

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